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Occupational Medicine deals with the provision of health advice to organizations and individuals to ensure that the highest standards of Health and Safety at work can be achieved and maintained...

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ALTMED Medical center offers convenient walk-in medical treatment with qualified board-certified doctors and nurses for any non-life-threatening illness or injury that needs immediate attention. We are the perfect health care solution for families and individuals of all ages and also a great alternative to primary care doctors and for those from out of town, new to the area, or for those without health insurance. Patients who do not have a life-threatening condition can save time and money by visiting one of our locations.

Maintaining a healthy workplace can be a challenge for any employer. To help keep your employees healthy and recover from on-the-job injuries, our ALTMED Occupational Medicine division provides affordable and convenient occupational health programs. At ALTMED our various programs address health conditions caused or worsened by the workplace environment. Our environmental assessment and occupational medicine programs include health promotion, hazard analysis and surveillance of workplace environment.

We offer the following occupational medicine services: work-related injury treatment, DOT and non-DOT drug and alcohol testing, EBT, driver physical exams, pulmonary function testing or PFT, post offier physical examinations, return to duty examinations, ergonomic testing, blood testing, and many others.

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Manassas, VA: (703) 361-4357, Dumfries, VA: (703) 221-2109
Waldorf, MD: (301) 868-2760, Front Royal, VA: (540) 636-9100

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