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Covid wave looms in Europe as booster campaign makes slow start - CNN

A new Covid-19 wave appears to be brewing in Europe as cooler weather arrives, with public health experts warning that vaccine fatigue and confusion over types of shots available will likely limit booster uptake.

Published At: 2022-10-07T09:46:00Z

Story by Reuters

Crohn’s Mystery Solved? Common Stomach Bug May Help Cause Inflammatory Bowel Disease - SciTechDaily

New research may have solved a mystery surrounding Crohn’s disease, a type of inflammatory bowel disease where immune defenses meant to attack invading microbes mistakenly target the body’s own digestive tract instead. Norovirus is a common infection that cau…

Published At: 2022-10-07T09:44:35Z

Eating Late Can Change How You Burn Calories And Store Fat, Depressing Study Finds - ScienceAlert

A new study suggests eating later in the day can directly impact our biological weight regulation in three key ways: through the number of calories that we burn; our hunger levels; and the way our bodies store fat.

Published At: 2022-10-07T04:28:08Z

David Nield

Being Sad and Lonely Accelerates Aging More Than Smoking - SciTechDaily

Deep Longevity has bridged the gap between the concepts of biological and psychological aging. According to the new aging clock, vulnerable mental health has a stronger effect on the pace of aging compared to a number of health conditions and smoking. As we a…

Published At: 2022-10-07T03:45:32Z

Early jump in RSV hospitalizations concerns Minnesota experts -

Severe cases of respiratory syncytial virus are already near typical peak levels. It could spell trouble for the cold and flu season ahead.

Published At: 2022-10-07T00:12:00Z

Kent Erdahl

Neanderthal DNA May Provide Clues About the Genetic Risks for Brain Disorders and Addiction - Neuroscience News

Traits with the strongest Neanderthal DNA contribution were sleep patterns, smoking habits, and alcohol consumption.

Published At: 2022-10-06T21:43:05Z

Neuroscience News

A New Function of the Cerebellum - Neuroscience News

The cerebellum plays a key role in the storage of both positive and negative memories of emotional events.

Published At: 2022-10-06T20:58:26Z

Neuroscience News

Granny loses eye after wearing contacts in shower: 'My life has changed' - New York Post

“There was just lots of hospital visits, lots of eye drops, lots of operations and procedures and lots of pain,” she said.

Published At: 2022-10-06T20:20:00Z

Ben Cost

Lady Gaga says this is what having fibromyalgia feels like: 'It’s every day waking up not knowing how you’re going to feel' - CNBC

Lady Gaga announced she had fibromyalgia in 2017. Here's a dive into its symptoms, causes and treatments from an expert.

Published At: 2022-10-06T18:56:26Z

Renée Onque

Promising Medication for Sleep Apnea - Neuroscience News

Reboxetine, a selective norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor normally prescribed for depression, can reduce sleep apnea symptom severity.

Published At: 2022-10-06T18:50:55Z

Neuroscience News

Mechanism for the Antidepressant Effect of Ketamine Revealed - Neuroscience News

Those with treatment-resistant depression showed significant improvement in symptoms and became more receptive to positive experiences following a one-week ketamine treatment regimen.

Published At: 2022-10-06T17:56:40Z

Neuroscience News

The Adult Brain Can Recover Lost Vision - Neuroscience News

Administering a chemical compound called synthetic retinoids to the retina helped restore brain networks associated with vision and prompted the growth of two times more neurons, effectively restoring vision in adult mouse models of the genetic visual disorde…

Published At: 2022-10-06T17:36:49Z

Neuroscience News

Colorado residents no longer least obese in nation, losing title held for years - Out There Colorado

Recently released data from the CDC shows that while Colorado is still one of the least obese states in the country, it can no longer claim the number one spot.

Published At: 2022-10-06T16:43:00Z

Spencer McKee

Strokes, heart attacks, sudden deaths: Does America understand the long-term risks of catching COVID? - Fortune

There are early signs that COVID infections and reinfections are leading to a rise in life-threatening conditions, says physician and author Carolyn Barber.

Published At: 2022-10-06T15:07:00Z

Carolyn Barber

7 Foods That Are Proven to Lift Your Spirits - CNET

Ever noticed that some foods boost your mood? Here's why.

Published At: 2022-10-06T14:58:13Z

Nasha Addarich Martínez

These 2 Personality Traits Show You Have a Higher Risk for Alzheimer's - The Epoch Times

Science has not yet arrived at a complete understanding of the causes of Alzheimer's disease. However, recent findings ...

Published At: 2022-10-06T14:26:44Z

Penicillin allergy? You may not be allergic. It's not very common. - USA TODAY

Here's what you need to know about penicillin allergies, which aren't as common as you may think.

Published At: 2022-10-06T12:03:14Z

Dr. Michael Daignault, USA TODAY

A bold effort to cure HIV—using Crispr - Ars Technica

An experiment tests whether the gene-editing technology can stop the virus from replicating, which would ultimately wipe out the infection.

Published At: 2022-10-06T12:00:24Z

Emily Mullin

Flu, COVID, RSV: Children are getting sick with winter viruses - USA TODAY

With school in full swing and winter viruses returning to seasonal patterns, hospitals across the country are beginning to fill up with sick kids.

Published At: 2022-10-06T10:30:17Z

Adrianna Rodriguez, USA TODAY

Intradermal monkeypox vaccine causing scars, discoloration for some - The Washington Post

Intradermal injections allow a vaccine dose to be split into five. But they’ve brought up lingering concerns about side effects and questions about efficacy.

Published At: 2022-10-06T10:30:00Z

Bryan Pietsch