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Diabetes may be linked to Alzheimer's disease risk - WBAL TV Baltimore

Researchers report that evidence suggests Type 2 diabetes may be linked to Alzheimer's disease risk.

Published At: 2024-05-27T21:34:00Z

Lacee Griffith

Black bear 'kebabs' gives family parasitic worms, 3 people hospitalized - WKRC TV Cincinnati

The meat was originally harvested in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan and frozen for 45 days before it was thawed.

Published At: 2024-05-27T21:25:39Z


New Alzheimer’s Breakthrough Targets Plexin-B1 Protein - Neuroscience News

Researchers identified a novel way to potentially slow or halt Alzheimer's progression by targeting the plexin-B1 protein.

Published At: 2024-05-27T18:31:32Z

Neuroscience News

Passenger on United flight to Fresno had measles, officials confirm - KFSN-TV

A passenger on a flight to Fresno was confirmed to be traveling with measles, according to LA County health officials.

Published At: 2024-05-27T17:43:39Z

Early brain connectivity decline tied to Alzheimer's disease progression - PsyPost

Researchers found that reduced connectivity between the locus coeruleus and medial temporal lobe in cognitively healthy individuals is linked to faster brain atrophy and cognitive decline, particularly in the presence of amyloid beta, suggesting early markers…

Published At: 2024-05-27T16:14:03Z

Eric W. Dolan



Published At: 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z



Published At: 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z

Eating more fruits and vegetables may lead to optimal sleep duration - Medical Xpress

Good health depends on a healthy diet and sufficient exercise and sleep. There are clear associations among these components; for example, good nutrition provides energy for exercise, and many people report that getting enough exercise is important to their a…

Published At: 2024-05-27T13:30:01Z

Stephanie Baum

Being pregnant is hard work — even metabolically, study shows - CNN

It takes a lot of calories to be pregnant — and fewer of the calories are going to the fetus than previously thought, according to a new study.

Published At: 2024-05-27T13:18:00Z

Madeline Holcombe

Dr. Oz discusses intermittent fasting -

I wanted to try intermittent fasting, but I keep hearing contradictory info on whether it works.

Published At: 2024-05-27T13:15:00Z

Mehmet Oz, M.D., Michael Roizen, M.D.;

People’s Pharmacy: Will grapefruit juice lower my blood pressure? - OregonLive

I ate a grapefruit, and less than an hour later, my BP was down to 128/83. This is a greater reduction than my meds provide.

Published At: 2024-05-27T13:08:00Z

People's Pharmacy

Tattoos may be linked to lymphoma, say scientists - The Jerusalem Post

We already know that when tattoo ink is injected into the skin, the body interprets this as something foreign that should not be there, and the immune system is activated.

Published At: 2024-05-27T13:04:44Z


Dear Doctor: Shingles is caused by one of 8 herpesviruses, but is not caused by herpes simplex - OregonLive

Patient is confused when they read that Shingles is related to herpes.

Published At: 2024-05-27T13:00:00Z

Dr. Keith Roach

Americans see disparities in mental and physical care, survey finds - The Washington Post

Of the respondents: 51 percent reported experiencing depression, anxiety or another mental health condition in the previous 12 months.

Published At: 2024-05-27T12:30:00Z

Hannah Docter-Loeb

Mum, 38, died months after ‘tingly feeling’ on her wedding day turned out to incurable brain tumour... - The US Sun

MICHELLE Noakes married the love of her life Simon in August 2019. It was their dream wedding. And, like most brides, she felt a mixture of nervousness and elation. But on top of the seemingly norm…

Published At: 2024-05-27T12:01:23Z

Alice Fuller

The "Bad" Salad Dressing You Should Be Buying, According to Dietitians - EatingWell

Love ranch dressing? Nutrition experts share the benefits of incorporating this popular salad dressing into your meal-plan routine.

Published At: 2024-05-27T11:00:00Z

Huge study links ultra-processed foods to heightened depression risk - PsyPost

Scientists have found that higher consumption of ultra-processed foods is significantly associated with an increased risk of developing depressive symptoms, highlighting the potential mental health risks of diets rich in these foods.

Published At: 2024-05-27T10:03:49Z

Eric W. Dolan

How to lower your risk and prevent cardiovascular disease - New York Post

We hope you’ll take this news to heart.

Published At: 2024-05-27T10:00:00Z

Kinjan Parikh, MD

Liver, yes. Corneas, no. FDA urged to relax tissue donation ban for gay and bisexual men - USA TODAY

Published At: 2024-05-27T09:12:35Z


New polio vaccines are key to preventing outbreaks and achieving eradication - Our World in Data

To reach the goal of polio eradication, we can use new vaccines to contain outbreaks and improve testing, outbreak responses, and sanitation.

Published At: 2024-05-27T09:07:17Z